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Debt Collection

Have you successfully taken legal action against someone but still haven't been paid? You may need a debt collection attorney. There are many laws, regulations, requirements, and procedures, that factor into debt collection. The attorneys at Sherrets Law Offices can help determine the legal direction that may be most effective in your case.

Wage Garnishment

When creditors start going after your wages, make sure your rights are protected. Creditors cannot garnish your wages until they have a judgment against you. Once they have a judgment, they can give you notice and then begin garnishing your wages. If creditors are threatening you with wage garnishment, without having gotten a judgment, you may have a claim against them

At Sherrets Law Offices, our attorneys can put an end to actions by creditors attempting to garnish your hard-earned wages. We will take a close look at your case and see if you have any legal recourse. We understand your struggles and we want to help. The sooner you contact Sherrets Law Offices, the more that can be done to save your wages and protect your rights.

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