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Divorce Attorney & Child Custody

In matters of Divorce and Child Custody, it’s critical that your attorney is competent. The more unusual or difficult your case, the more expertise your attorney should have. If your divorce involves complex financial issues, you will want to be sure that your attorney is comfortable with such matters. If your case involves difficult custody or visitation issues, you may wish to retain an attorney who has that as a focus in their practice. And finally, you will want to be sure that your attorney is comfortable with tailoring the approach of the case to your needs. Some cases are best resolved in mediation or through out-of-court negotiation. Other cases can only be resolved with litigation. It is important that your attorney be adept at both.

At Sherrets Law Offices, we encourage you to ask questions, such as who will be handling the details of your case, how difficult will it be to reach your attorney if questions or problems arise, and what will happen on those occasions when no one is available to take your call. You need to know that your attorney is available to answer any questions you might have, in a way that is understandable to you.

We believe the best attorney-client relationships are built upon honest and straight forward communication.

When the other party is not willing to act in good faith, Sherrets Law Offices is ready and willing to take your Divorce or Child Custody case to court. We're willing to do what is necessary to seek custody and visitation orders which are in your children’s best interest (and therefore in your best interest as well), and a division of property and debts which is fair to you. As our client, you'll decide whether to take the best settlement available or invest the funds necessary to litigate.

Divorce Child Custody Attorney Dayton Ohio

A divorce could involve financial issues, custody or visitation issues, mediation or out-of-court negotiation. It is important that your attorney be competent in all areas.

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